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Bulk 6, 2012 

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Bulk is a multimedia brand that includes the magazine BULK, the websites and and a weekly email newsletter. Bulk focuses on the handling and processing of powders and bulk solids in the process industry (like chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, food, feed, minerals and metals). Bulk provides an overview of developments in the process industry when it comes to economic news, acquisitions, changes in laws and regulations, technical innovations, courses and exhibitions.

Readers/users of Bulk are typical plant managers, process engineers, technical managers, designers, procurement managers, engineers and production chiefs engaged in the handling and processing of powders en bulk solids. Bulk informs them on a general, technical level, enabling them to to perform their jobs optimally.

Magazine BULK
Magazine BULK is the professional trade journal for the Dutch speaking community in the Netherlands and Belgium. The magazine is published seven times a year, with a circulation of 6,000 copies, of which about 30% is distributed in Belgium. Bulk magazine is HOI-registered (i.e. has a certified circulation). The topics covered can be divided into three categories:

• material transport (pneumatic conveying, belt conveyors, elevators, etc.)

• storage (silos, big bags, packaging, etc.)

• unit operations (grinding, sieving, mixing, drying, etc.)

• adjoining disciplines (environment & safety, weighing & dosing, process automation, etc.)

Given the diversity of the readers market, all these categories are given attention in every edition. However, each edition has also its own special theme. The articles have a technological, application-oriented approach.

Bulk has two special editions each year:

  • 'Stofbestrijding' (on dust control) in spring
  • 'Haven Op- en overslag' (on port storage and transhipment) in autumn

'Stofbestrijding' is about the control and eradication of dust emissions and removing dust from the production process. This publication is also sent as an attachment with two sister magazines of Magazine Bulk: 'De Molenaar' (The Miller) and 'Magazine Recycling Benelux'.
'Haven Op- en overslag' focuses on the storage and transhipment of bulk solids in and around ports, and has a special circulation, i.e. the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.



Online Magazine Bulk (Dutch)

Editorial planning Magazine Bulk 2018

1 Mixing 16-02-2018
2 Packaging/Empack 30-03-2018
3 Grinding/Sieving 04-05-2018
3a  Dust control/Explosion Safety-  ATEX (annex to Bulk/RMB/De  Molenaar) 04-05-2018
4 Weighing and dosing/Level measurement 22-06-2018
Preview Industrial Processing + Preview Solids Antwerp 14-09-2018
6 Drying/Transport 26-10-2018
6a Port storage and transhipment 2018 09-11-2018
7 Silos/ Market developments 14-12-2018


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