Aumund gains in Chinese power industry

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August 23 2017 06:52
Aumund gains in Chinese power industry

Despite the declining number of new construction projects in the power sector, the Aumund Group has secured an increased market share in the Chinese power industry over the past two years, thanks to the combined efforts of the Aumund subsidiary in Beijing and the Aumund power technology team in Germany.

Tightening of environmental protection regulations has led to an increased volume of enquiries for flue gas purification systems from power plant operators in China, who are now opting for silos rather than stockpiles for their gypsum storage. Aumund has noted increased interest in flue gas desulphurisation and silo discharge with Aumund Rotating Rotary Discharge Machines type BEW-K. The rotating rotary discharge machine was specially developed for large extraction openings and silos of 6 to 14 meter diameter. A typical application is the extraction of FGD gypsum in coal-fired power stations. These machines work on the first-in, first-out principle, are designed for mass flow and can feed and extract the material at the same time.

Aumund received orders from the Shenhua Group for the supply of two rotating rotary discharge machines to each of four power plants. The eight machines were installed, over a period of about two years, for the discharge of FGD gypsum from the respective silos into trucks. Following this success, AUMUND received another order, from the Shanneng Group. In this case a rotating rotary discharge machine with a diameter of 10m and a capacity of 150 t/h was ordered.

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