Controlling fugitive dust at conveyor transfer

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January 05 2018 07:10
Controlling fugitive dust at conveyor transfer

Singleton Birch (UK), manufacturer of quicklime and chalk products, has resolved a fugitive material problem by implementing a Martin containment and dust suppression system on one of its limestone conveyors.

After finding that an estimated 10-20% of the material load was spilling along the belt path, Singleton Birch decided to have the transfer point rebuilt where the material took a 20-foot drop from one belt to another. Once the upgrade was complete, the air inside of the conveyor enclosure was clear enough to see down its entire length. Martin Engineering lengthened the existing chute to create a more robust settling zone. The contractor fabricated a 4-meter-long chute extension and tail box. The overhaul integrated Martin ApronSeal Double Skirting HD and an EVO External Wear Liner, with a series of dust curtains at the end. The new design raised the chute 102 mm from its previous position to accommodate the new wear liner.

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