Dedusting metal powder for 3D-printing

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August 21 2017 06:54
Dedusting metal powder for 3D-printing

Netzsch presents its CFS/HD-S classifier to obtain a sharp cut during dedusting of metal powders used for 3D-printing.

During 3D-printing, based on the AM-process (Additive Manufacturing), a 20-100 µm thick coating of metal powder is applied. A laser melts the metal powder at the points at which the part is to be produced, so that the metal particles fuse. Afterwards another coating of powder is applied and the process repeated. This procedure is then repeated until the part is finished. To obtain the required exact and very narrow particle size distribution (typically from 20 to 60 µm), the raw material needs to be classified.
The machine also features a quick change from one product to another as the various metal powders have different compositions. The classifier air operates in a closed loop system, which means that the fine product can be almost completely separated out via a cyclone. This is possible due to the high density of the product. No filter is necessary. The customer can collect each type of material separately to be used for other applications. Netzsch is represented by E&R BV.

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