Flexco skirting systems to stop material spillage

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November 21 2017 10:30
Flexco skirting systems to stop material spillage

Flexco offers various skirting systems to avoid loss of material in belt conveyor transfer areas in coal mines, steel mills and wood processing facilities. 

Fasteners combined with skirting systems effectively isolate the material on the belt without damaging the belt cover, enabling operators to reduce dust levels while increasing material throughput. The Flex-Lok skirt clamps are a new addition to the Flexco range, customised for various conveyor systems. When space is limited, Flexco offers the Flex-Lok Mini Clamps. The rubber sealing strip is only 8 to 16 millimetres thick, while the thickness of the standard version is between 8 and 25 millimetres. Flex-Lok skirt clamps can be easily installed by one person.

Flexco is represented in The Netherlands by Leijenaar BV

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