Key optical sorter for frozen cranberries

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September 01 2017 06:57
Key optical sorter for frozen cranberries

Key Technology has provided the new Canadian company Emblème Canneberge with a Veryx C140 optical sorting machine to process frozen cranberries.

De optical sorter is tailored to the specific product characteristics, to detect and remove the maximum of foreign material (FM) with virtually no false rejects. The chute-fed Veryx C140, which features a 1400 mm-wide inspection area that sorts up to 13.6 metric tons per hour, is equipped with front- and rear-mounted laser scanners that operate within the visible light and near-infrared wavelengths. The sorter recognizes both the colors of objects and their structural properties and selects optimal ejection strategies for each item in the product stream.

Sizing and sorting line
Emblème Canneberge pulls cranberries from their freezer year round and runs them through a sizing and sorting line. First, a tote spiker breaks clusters and a bin dumper feeds an auger transport to a cluster breaker. Next, an Iso-Flo size separation shaker from Key removes clusters and objects that are larger than 22 mm along with items such as small fruit, sticks and ice that are less than 10 mm in size. Berries and other objects between 10 and 22 mm in size continue on to a metal detector before a Key air cleaner removes lightweight material like leaves, prior to feeding the sorter. The Veryx C140  removes the remaining FM and berries with defects, as defined by Emblème Canneberge. The sorter’s ‘accept’ stream leads to a Key size grader that separates the good fruit into three size grades.

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