Kniele annular tray mixer

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October 31 2017 15:06
Kniele annular tray mixer

Kniele Mischtechnik GmbH presents its annular tray mixer for difficult mixing tasks. A main agitator is equiped with two stirrers which rotate in contrary direction to ensure a homogeneous mixture.

The relatively narrow mixing canal ensures a very intensive mixing effect.This also offers a great advantage for the mixing of small quantities. For specific mixing tasks, e.g. processing of recycling-materials (pelleting), an infinitely adjustable agitator can be installed. The number of revolutions can be adjusted between 0 and 180 rpm (depending on the mixture). For special tasks even much higher numbers of revolutions are possible. A specially equipped batch-type mixer with a special device and control panel is used as a constant-flow mixer, e.g. for the production of mixed gravel, concrete, etc.

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