Powered conveyor belt tracker

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August 30 2017 06:56
Powered conveyor belt tracker

The new powered conveyor belt tracker from Martin Engineering delivers immediate and continuous precision adjustment of hard-to-track reversing conveyors.

The ‘Martin Tracker Reversing’ reduces spillage and extends the life of belts and other system components. Able to effectively center the belt regardless of the travel direction, the robust unit has demonstrated greater durability and longer service life than previous designs, translating to a reduced cost of ownership.  Versatile enough to run on 110V / 220V power or a plant’s existing compressed air, the tracker can be specified with the Roll Gen System. This system uses the kinetic energy of the moving belt to produce electricity to power sensors, scales, lights and other devices. Instead of using a paddle wheel or roller, the tracker uses either an air or electric actuator to reverse the working direction. The Martin Tracker Reversing is available in Lower Units for installation on the return side of the belt and Upper Units for use on the conveyor’s carrying side.

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