Rice Lake brochure Bulkslide flowmeter

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September 08 2017 06:59
Rice Lake brochure Bulkslide flowmeter

Rice Lake Weighing Systems Europe BV has made a new brochure for its Bulkslide flowmeter.

The main reason for the update is the renewal of the housing of the sensor. The Bulkslide measures free flowing and non- sticky solids with a high accuracy (+/- 0,5%). The accuracy is nearly independent from density and grain size. The materials glide  in vertical direction over a plate which at the end has a curve. In the curve the exerted pressure is measured and converted to a flow (t/hour). Capacities range from 50 kg/hour up to 600 tons/hour. The Bulkslide is compact and almost free of maintenance,  has a stable zero point and is easy calibrated. There are special models for demanding applications (hygienic, heat resistant, wear resistant and/or Atex certified).

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