Hycontrol presents testable silo protection system

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July 19 2016 06:58
Hycontrol presents testable silo protection system

Hycontrol in Redditch, Worcestershire (UK), presents a testable silo protection system preventing the over-pressurization and over-filling of bulk powder storage silo’s.

Powder silos are typically pneumatically filled from road tankers. However, unlike the tankers, which can withstand several bar of pressure, storage silos can be damaged by pressures as low as 2 psi above atmospheric. The pressurised air to carry the product into the silo and this air must be vented from the vessel via a suitable filter to avoid damage. Another common problem is overfilling of the silo as a result of a level probe failure or using incorrect technology to monitor the product volume. Again, this results in damage to the silo and loss of product.
Both of these risks necessitate the implementation of a reliable safety system. Such a system should include a pressure relief valve (PRV), a pressure sensor, a high level alarm, and an auto-shut off valve to prevent overfilling. Unfortunately even if a well-designed system is installed, unless it is regularly maintained, it may not work as intended if problems arise. Unfortunately, silo protection systems on top of silos are 'out of sight and out of mind', with limited access. Therefore it is advised to have a ground level testing system which physically tests all the critical components before each and every fill.

Video Hycontrol Silo Protection System


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